Due to current government guidelines, LACC meetings have been cancelled for the next four months, meaning the next meeting will be August. Further announcements will be made in the coming days for contingency and aid plans. If anyone has anything they want to raise or ask, please see the contacts section for phone numbers for the secretary (Donna) and Chairman (Peter)

Largo Area Coronavirus Response Team (LACRT)

Largo Area Coronavirus Response Team – Issue 1


LACRT Media Release

The LACRT Coronavirus Bulletin #3 – Key Message ‘Stay at Home’!

LACRT Bulletin #4

Waste, Bins & Refuse reminder

LACRT Bulletin #5



LACRT BULLETIN- 5thApril 2020

We are an elected body created to represent and present our community and their views onward to our local authorities, Councillors and other bodies, public and private (and vice versa).

We wish to serve to promote activities to bring people together and get the best out of our area for everyone.

Please use the contact form or speak to one of the members of your Community Council and attend our monthly meetings. All input is vital.